Why Multipurpose Cheek And lip Tints Are Of No Value? #BeautyTruthBomb

Have you also used your red or pink lipstick as a blush? and as an eyeshadow and brown shades as bronzer? Honestly the hack is almost a zillion years old! It is pretty normal and a lot of people use it without knowing it is actually a hack! Its just sustainable! For the longest I wasn't able to find and rely on a good blush shade so I used my go-to pink shade lipstick for the same. Now, brands have launched multi sticks that is just same! A stick with crème based pigment that could be applied to your eyes, lips and cheeks. But wasn't our lipsticks and bronzers serving the same purpose? Personally I would never think to buy this product because it's of no use! It's just another way of large brands to add an additional product line in their collection to earn revenue. Do you feel the same?