Why My ID is Gangnam Beauty is the best k-drama?

South Korea is a country with the largest booming cosmetic and beauty industry. Having a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery has become a part of self-care or a beauty norm in South Korean society. Like any other culture, they have their own beauty standards which they religiously adhere to and everyone is encouraged or pressurized to attain that beauty which is having a slim figure, high bridge nose, full lips, large eyes with fair skin tone. Many of the K-pop idols are chosen based only on their visuals that is how attractive they look, their musical or dance talents are second. In such a rigid and stagnant entertainment world, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” is like a revolutionary concept and the portrayal of beauty and its mental effects on teenagers was captured very vividly in it. The plot revolves around Kang Mi Rae, a bullied teen in high school who gets plastic surgery to fit in the society i.e., to become a normal person and not a “Kang monster”. The surgery is successful and she becomes a model like beauty after her recovery. The show is not focusing on her surgery rather it’s telling the viewers a story of how it is never enough in a judgmental society. Mirae starts grading people out of 100 as soon as she meets them, she grades another freshman Hyun Soo Ah a 100, a natural beauty. The irony of celebrating natural beauty in a society which heavily emphasizes on its teen to groom themselves. But Mirae’s life is not the happy life she imagined, now people start bullying her for getting plastic surgery, which fuels her feeling of insecurity and worthlessness. Hyun Soo Ah develops an eating disorder to achieve that illusion of “I don’t gain weight even if I eat a lot”, she throws up after every meal and pops in diet pills religiously. Do Kyung Suk is the most handsome male in their batch. He takes an interest in Mi Rae and challenges her world view and constantly makes her rethink her ideals. When asked if he finds Mirae average or pretty, he defines her as “being who she just is” which becomes the most defining moment of the drama. The drama also explores many other issues such as objectification, body image issues and gender inequality and violence. The drama concludes with each character emerging as a stronger self and loving themselves rather than seeking others validation. Indian society is also constantly judging people on how they look, how they talk, we also share a lot of similarities with these rigid beauty standards.

I would recommend everyone to at least once watch this masterpiece.

What do you think? Any views on these opinions?