Why no media coverage for Rocketry: The Nambi effect?

To be honest I am just sad there is no media coverage regarding the movie. I just watched the movie and I feel like it is one of the best performances of R.Madhavan plus


It is so disheartening to see that even now such good stories are not given much importance because of a few journalists and people in power, who are trying to portray the movie from a religious angle. Have you seen anyone actually discussing the movie or any Bollywood star promoting the movie even? Whereas films with 0 base, 0 knowledge, and 0 storylines are doing well on the platform, while actually movies like The Rocketry which deserve that respect, promotion is not getting any. Let me tell you something about the movie and the character.

He was arrested under the official secrets act by Kerala police. Later the case was jointly investigated by KP, IB and RAW and found him guilty. There was a series of political dramas that happened around this which all worked in this man's favour. He is a below-average scientist with a very poor record in ISRO. There were already many cases against him. That, this man is a traitor...but the luckiest one... there was even a child sexual offence case registered against him. I can go on for hours about this case. RB Sreekumar was the IB investigation officer. He is one of the best officers IB has ever had. Just search his name and see his credibility and tell me he would cook up such a case. he had applied for VRS within two weeks of the first arrest related to this case was made and within a month he was also arrested. The phone bill of his landline for the month before he was arrested was about Rs. 46,000. With many international calls. The detailed bill is still available in the files. You speak to any good journalist or police officer who was posted in TVM during the 90s. They will tell you the true story.