Why is Re'equil acne kit an over hyped product? #BeautyTruthBomb

Having oily and acne prone skin I was introduced to Re'equil's acne kit that included Matte sunscreen, pitstop gel and acne clarifying gel. Firstly a sunscreen is important to protect and prevent scars and marks and not heal them so including a Rs600 plus worth of sunscreen was of no point. I did my research and read all about the product and the reviews were mixed but then the brand has been hyped up so much I went with it. Unfortunately it does not work at all! I have light and mild acne and marks and it was not doing anything to change the appearance of it. I tried it for a good 4-5 week duration regularly but did not work at all! It's highly disappointing when big and hyped up brands show no results! Dropping this #BeautyTruthBomb for you all!