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Why is Rubina being misjudged in the house?

Rubina asked the housemates to have breakfast in small portions since the supply of poultry products have been reduced. Bigg Boss sent alternatives for these products and therefore Rubina asked everyone to keep a check on their food intake. Eijaz said that he isn't a kid and knows how to eat, she can't teach him to do that. He said that he has been eating for the past 45 years and is healthy and fine and during the fight, he even touches Rubina. Aly and Rahul also gang up against her. Nikki even tells Rubina that Eijaz had no right to touch her hand. Rubina cries and says I was just showing concern but they take everything as my arrogance and order. They all charged at me for no reason. Do you guys agree with Rubina ?


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