Why is Salman the villain in Kat and Vicky’s love story?

Since the Katrina-Vicky marriage brouhaha started, one person constantly being targeted is Salman Khan. Be it really below the belt memes, or media simply dragging him again and again asking whether he will attend the wedding? Will he even be invited? Will he create a ruckus at the wedding etc. Tbvh, I find all of this very very disrespectful towards Salman and even Aishwariya and Lulia who are being dragged through the mud because two people are getting married. I understand how some fans and some media houses want to project this as a fairytale love story, where Katrina Kaif- a woman wronged by so many men is saved by the Knight in shining armour- Vicky Kaushal.

What I don’t understand is, how or why is Salman is the villain of this story and why is he being mocked when all his life he has uplifted Katrina’s career and helped her through thick and thin. Had the tables turned, if Salman was the one getting married and Kat was the one being targeted, I think we all can say with surety that Salman would’ve taken a stand for Kat. My question is, why isn’t Katrina doing anything to ease Salman’s public mockery? She’s busy rn with the wedding, but she’s had plenty of time. Most if the articles were PR generated so was it her own PR setting the narrative about Salman? I’m just really disappointed in the way Katrina handled her wedding.