Is this why Samrat Prithviraj failed and underperformed at the box office?

Samrat Prithviraj was released on 3rd June. The filmmakers spent years and years creating this film and had a lot of expectations from the same. But unfortunately, the movie did not do well and has only made 39 crores at the box office so far. I can think of many reasons why the film didn't perform well. Yashraj tried their best to promote the movie but seems like they somewhere failed at it.

Reasons why I think Samrat Prithviraj did not do well:

For one, the audience today is not keen on historic drama. Apart from that, people must have been tired of Akshay Kumar because of his films released one after another or maybe because along with Samrat Prithviraj, two other movies were released, Major and Vikram.

Major and Vikram are South Indian films but that does not mean they can't overshadow Samrat Prithviraj. Many screens canceled the shows for Samrat Prithviraj and gave it to Major.