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Why Schitt's Creek Should Be on Your Watchlist

The show which stole the Emmys last year has been causing quite the stir owing to its interesting plot of riches to rags. Here are three reasons you need to watch it if you have not already.


The show is jam-packed with wit, sarcasm and hilarious commentary. It takes no time for you to be hooked onto the crazy dialogues which are all delivered with a nonchalance which makes it funnier.

Learn to Appreciate What You Have

Showing the Rose family who literally lose all they have, sparing the tiny town of Schitt's Creek, this show teaches you to make the most of what you have.

Wholesome Factor

The show shows many people from many walks of life coming together to become a family. And as they grow together, your heart will be warmed and you will want a squad like theirs.


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