Why ‘Selection Day’ didn’t get ‘selected’ enough by Netflix Viewers

‘Selection Day’ is a 10-episode Netflix Original Series produced by Karan Boolani and Udayan Prasad. It aired in December 2018 and was advertised on a massive scale, having garnered the endorsements of great cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar. The series was also advertised along the IPL line. Selection Day is an adaptation of a book titled the same written by Aravind Adiga, released in 2016. The book, published by HarperCollins, won literary awards and was critically highly acclaimed. The Netflix Original show, in fact, was also critically acclaimed and has high ratings.

However, it didn’t get views. It was one of the initial ventures of Netflix into Indian OTT content and it was disappointing in its performance. That makes us wonder why. After all, it had all the elements that any Indian audience needs - cricket and drama. AND it was barely only 25 minutes per episode.

Along with that, the series also had social relevance, almost satirical on the expectations parents have from their children and how burdening that can be. Or wait, maybe this was it.

Selection Day got too real too fast in some aspects and had a very slow, almost boring and unrealistic, pace in some plots. There were too many situations inter-mixing with each other, amidst far less clarity being provided. It was a complex mixture of varying plots and characters, which at some point, simply stopped making sense. Most importantly, Selection Day just didn’t have anything acceptably new to offer at that time.

However, the makers and actors (fantastic cast) especially did a good job nevertheless. And we can only wish them all the best!