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Why should you not compare Mamamoo and Blackpink?

I am writing this because recently there is a lot of drama going on between Moomoos and Blinks. With the recent release of Hwasa's solo album, moomoos have started comparing her with Jennie's Solo. Apart from this, both the fandom keep creating comparisons about talent, fame and artistry. This is wrong and I will be showing you all why.

Mamamoo is a great group with four powerful vocalists. All four of them can sing, two of them can rap and they do write a lot of their songs, create their choreographies, come up with concepts etc.

Blackpink is also a great group with colourful vocals and rappers. Jisoo and Rosie have beautiful and unique vocals, Jennie and Lisa are very energetic rappers.

Now for comparisons,

  1. Vocals: Stop doing this. None of them is superior to each other, Solar has a very powerful vocal and she can sing very high while Hwasa has a very seductive voice with a pretty low register. Rosie has a very pure and unique vocal, her vocals are very colourful and Jisoo has a unique baritone voice. It is unique. Both the groups are okayish vocals with their own strengths and flaws, but they are not comparable to Ailee or Taeyeon who are very powerful vocalists with great ranges.
  2. Stable Lives: Mamamoo are very stable in their lives whereas Blackpink isn't. But the point is that Blackpink's choreo has a lot of headbanging and pointy moves which makes them breathless. Mamamoo has a lot of breath control and Blackpink needs to practice this.
  3. Popularity: Stop saying that Blackpink does not serve their fame. They do. Mamamoo has a very dedicated and popular fandom in Korea, their domestic market value is huge, their songs appeal the most to the Korean public. Blackpink is more famous internationally because its songs appeal to the western audience. they don't have a strong domestic market value like mamamoo, that's why they struggle with k-charts. Both have established their own markets no need to compare.

I hope that these fan wars will stop. And Blinks really need to stop bullying people and saying hwasa is ugly because 70% of the time its blinks who start this.

Girl groups already go through so much hate by Boygroup stans, by their companies, they don't need this extra BS affecting them.

please, share this so that we can give more love and support to Jennie and Rosie new comeback. Mamamoo and Blackpink have such cute interactions on award shows.

Stan Queens, they all are Queens.

please, comment below and tell me what do you think about this fan war?


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