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Why is Somy Ali a lesser known ex of Salman khan?

A lot of us are privy with the Salman's ex Beaus. We ship them for quite a while before they break up. I still remember all the hype Everyone created saying Katrina and Salman would get married. A lot of us also know about the controversial relationship between Aishwarya Rai and Salman. But out of these Somy Ali is one lesser known ex girlfriend of Salman that recently spoke about her relationship with him and how she currently feels. Reportedly, Somy Ali and Salman Khan dated for eight years. She mentions that she hasn't spoken to the Salman in the last five years. She further adds how she wonders how many girlfriends Salman would have dated since their relationship ended in 1999. If you think it was a negative dig at him you might be wrong! She ends by wishing him good luck and happy life ahead. Why do you think Salman's this ex wasn't in touch with him like others? Is that the reason why media talks about her so little?


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