Why 'Sunbae, Don't Put On That Lipstick' should be on your Must watch List?!

The Star Cast! - The four actors that make up the main cast are Rowoon who will be making our hearts race through his role of a young adult. The actor was last seen in ”Find Me In Your Memories” that did exceptionally well with the viewers. Won Jin Ah will be playing a senior colleague who has great emotional depth. Lee Hyun Wook will play the romantic Manager, and Lee Joo Bin will try to impress with the same old “Ice Queen'' character who will sooner or later shed her mean personality.

The Drama won’t stray from the Manhwa! - The drama was based on a popular webcomic, 'She Would Never Know' a story about a mentee falling in love with his mentor while the two work together in a makeup company. For once drastic changes have not been made to the story to suit the taste of the kdrama viewer and promises to maintain its originality.

Noona Drama! - Hyun-seung (Ro Woon) is a year younger than Soon-ah (Won Jin-ah) and he is two years her junior at work so he is supposed to treat her as his mentor. Well the age gap isn’t as evident as the usual noona dramas but in the trailer Soon-ah fails to see Hyun-seung as a possible love interest. But he is clearly in love with his senior!