Why is TWICE's "Scientist" turning out to be their weakest title track ever?

TWICE made their comeback with a new album 'Formula Of Love: O+T=<3'. They dropped the title track of this album "Scientist" a few days ago. However, despite the hype around their comeback, their title track couldn't survive a week on any major chart. On daily Melon charts, it is on No.93 and not even in the top 100 on Genie. Which made "Scientist" their worst-performing track on charts.


Not only are they struggling on charts, but the fans are also disappointed with "Scientist" for its uncatchy lyrics and forgettable tunes. Fans were pleased with the fact that the members stayed in their comfort zones and didn't push themselves. However, some feel despite good vocals, nothing is latching on.


Regardless of the lacklustre performance by their title track, fans just can not stop gushing over their B-sides which are an absolute treat for the ears. They are baffled why would a mediocre track like "Scientist" be chosen as the title track despite such amazing B-side tracks. Have you heard the album yet?


Do you agree that "Scientist" is one of the weakest title tracks by Twice?