Why UGH! is the best rap song by BTS!

BTS are lyrical kings. They could have started their journey as Idols but they did not limit themselves to that genre. They grew out of it and experimented with EDM, Jazz. R&B, soul etc. The members participate in the music composition, lyric writing and they also come up with new concepts for their songs derived from their experiences, be it a simple fight about dumplings between Jimin and V or an emotional breakdown about insecurity in the park by RM. The Rap line though is completely on another league with geniuses Suga, RM and J-Hope. Some of BTS’s best song has RM’s lyrics, Suga’s composition and J-Hope’s freestyle. This one of their best song according to me. UGH! : A common term to express disgust or aversion towards something yucky and in Korean, this is pronounced “Wook” and it means to lose one’s temper because of a sudden burst of emotions mainly anger. BTS took this anger and twisted it in this song. Through song, the rappers are criticizing our society in which people hiding behind the anonymity of social media are using their anger to degrade, judge and stereotype people. The rap is of Memphis style, it is very direct and blunt. They are building up their rap as they are building up their anger. It is BTS fighting against their own haters and those who are passing judgements. Suga raps “ the truth may become false, the lies may become true, In this place, everyone becomes someone with perfect ethics and perfect judgement, that’s funny”, summing up perfectly the social media world. And RM throws in some sick bars about what’s real rage and the power of it to change the world. He Raps “Mayhap it’s our history, sometimes it changes the world, but this is not rage, this is excretion… pretending its rage and killing real rage” and he goes on to say that BTS is used to stepping on sh*t. J-hope concludes this by rapping “there are tens of thousands of reasons to be raging, goodwill and evil will, all same, I can rage, but if there were to be damage done to others’ lives, I don’t like, that’s stop.”

I can’t ever stop about how perfectly they captured our times and our artificial outrage.