Why was this even necessary? - Sara posting about ‘All Lives Matter’

Idk if she doesn’t know what that actually means or what, but this was just so unnecessary. Honestly Sara seems to be much more, I guess ‘informed’ about certain issues around her compared to many of her contemporaries. So seeing a statement like this was honestly disappointing. While she did delete the post after, the post still gained attention for its rather insensitive meaning.


If you don’t already know, ‘All Lives Matter’ is a phrase that has widely been used by people in a way to undermine the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, a movement protesting against police brutality and racism against people who’re black.


While I’m not sure if she knew what it meant or not. Why was it even necessary to post it in the first place, whether she knew of its meaning or not? Regardless, it’s good she deleted it and hopefully she’s learned from the incident too.