Why was there a disparity in the amount Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha took home for The Family Man Season 2?

Bollywood Hungama revealed that according to some sources Manoj Bajpayee got paid nearly 10 crores for The Family Man while Samantha got around 2-4 crores. While this is not set in stone, and we don't really know the exact figures, it seems like a huge disparity. Of course, Manoj Bajpayee is one of the reasons the series gained such popularity.

However, Samantha herself has quite a fan base and pull. She's extremely popular in the South and has been heard of outside of the Telugu and Tamil industry. In fact, that's probably why she was roped in the show: she's a face who would draw in the Southern crowd and generate enough buzz for a pan-India show.

Why then, is there such a large pay gap? A small pay gap would still be understandable to a point in terms of factors like Manoj having already starred in the first season, him being the protagonist, and the face of The Family Man. However, both him and Samantha shared almost equal screen space in the second season, so what's the rationale behind it?