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Why women are offered mom roles even when they are young?

In Bollywood, women after way quicker than men Be it Sridevi, Waheeda Rehman, or Rakhi Gulzar. All these actresses have portrayed the lover and the mother of various male actors at different points of their careers.


Shefali Shah is another talented name that comes to mind. She was typecast as a mother initially in her career even though she was just 20. She did a television show where she played a 45-year-old mother to a 15-year-old. Later, when she was around 28-30, she played the mother of Akshay Kumar in Vipul Shah's 'Waqt: The Race Against Time.' Akshay was 38 while she was 35 at that time. Shefali said, "So I got typecast very early if I didn’t even have to reach a certain age point. According to screen time, I’m probably 133 years or something.”


Shefali said she had to reject offers for years for this reason. However, things turned in her favor after the short film 'Juice.' Shefali's performance as a cop in the Netflix series 'Delhi Crime' received universal acclaim. Now she is doing interesting roles without getting typecast. But the question still lingers, why women age faster compared to men? Why do men refuse to play their age even in their 50s?


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