Why is YG Entertainment not giving BLACKPINK a comeback at the peak of their career?

Maybe solo activities bring more money, but as a group, BLACKPINK can become bigger. I think the main purpose of YG entertainment is to make their artists get brand endorsements and sell out huge concerts. Being on the cover of a magazine or endorsing a product brings much money for them without investing. Meanwhile, making music and having comebacks is expensive, so they do it as little as possible. Clearly, they are pausing the activities because they won't get to do a world tour amid the COVID-19 situation.

Long hiatuses and minimum comebacks have always been a YG thing. Treasure was also not active for 11 months of 2021. It's been the same with iKON, Winner, and Big Bang. It's really a shame because Blackpink and other artists under their company are really good at what they do. I'm hoping for their best future. What do you think? Is it a good strategy by YG? Do you miss Blackpink?