Why Zakir Khan Is The Best Person To Invite Singles To Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video has announced free streaming of some of its famous shows and films, and they have chosen a perfect person to promote this. He is none other than, Haq Se Single comedian, Zakir Khan. They even planned to release this promotional video on Valentine's Day. There are two types of audience on 14th February- The Couples and The Singles. While many couples might not pay attention to V-day promotions as they already have their plans, probably the singles might be the prominent target audience. Zakir Khan is famous for providing memes like - Sakht Launda, Pighalna Nahi Hai, Yahaa Main Pighal Gaya etc. and is one of the pioneers of India's stand-up comedy culture. His loyal fan base will do anything he asks them to do. Watch him speak for his Haq Se Single gang: