Wi Ha-joon gushes over bromance with Lee Dong-wook, expresses this unusual wish

On December 13, an online press conference was held with 'Bad And Crazy' cast and PD Yoo Sun Dong. During the conference, Wi Ha-joon and Lee Dong-wook talked about various experiences and shared some behind-the-scenes moments. However, there came a moment that left everyone tickled, when asked about the leads bromance.

Wi Ha-joon said "We synced up so well on set that I often thought, 'It’s like we’re one person'." 'Squid Game' actor also praised Lee Dong-wook for his talent to ad-lib, which was also evident during the shoot of "Goblin," and said, " We didn’t have to work especially hard to match up. Lee Dong Wook was ready to play along to all the smallest things. He has a lot of ideas and he’s very funny." He also went on to express an unusual wish that he would want to fulfil with Lee Dong-wook with their drama. He said, "My ambition is to win Best Couple at the Baeksang Arts Awards. That’s how good our chemistry is." This statement left everyone chuckling.

Well, we hope that his wish becomes reality as we have seen many instances where bromances were preferred over romances during award shows. For instance, Park Seo-joon and Ji-sung won for "Kill Me, Heal Me" and Namkoong Min and Lee Jun-ho won for "Chief Kim" etc. Are you excited to witness their chemistry on-screen?

“Bad and Crazy” premieres on December 17, do not forget to tune in!