Will Akshay Kumar follow more strict norms as he tested positive for COVID-19?

Actor Akshay Kumar tested positive for COVID-19 and he informed his fans about the same through his social media handles. He assured everyone that he has isolated himself. He asked others who were in his contact to get tested. He also promised to be back in action very soon. This news broke out today morning and people expressed their care for the actor.

Akshay is known to follow strict rules while working. He starts shooting early in the morning and ends his day by early evening. He even takes an off on Sundays to devote time to his family. His wife, Twinkle had also mentioned that he cooks when he is at home. So, he surely knows how to balance his work and life. By following such rules, he makes sure that maximum number of his films are released every year. He even follows strict diet and exercises everyday. One may call him the fittest actor in Bollywood currently.

However, with him testing positive, he might ask for more strict rules to be followed on his filmsets. Will that create more trouble for his colleagues or benefit them?