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Will ‘Big Fat Entertaining’ Bollywood movies manage to get the audience to go to the theatres again?

Farah Khan mentioned in an interview that the return of movies with ‘paisal vasool entertainment’ is inevitable as they have the potential to get the audience to go back to the theatres again. Since, the audience has gotten used to watching everything in the comforts of their home, people will only risk their lives and get out of their house for a movie which is full of entertainment. She said, “Only the return of big Bollywood entertainers will make the revival of big screen possible and a successful affair”. She also said that she is also enjoying watching ‘small and medium’ movies on the OTT platforms but will go to the theatres to experience the extravagant feeling.


Farah gave the example of Hollywood movies like Godzilla vs Kong and Wonder Woman 1984 to explain what she means by ‘big fat entertaining’ movies. However, this is what confuses me. Bollywood was not making movies like the ones she mentioned even before the pandemic hit, are we expecting it to magically make one now?


What kind of movies do you think will get the audience to go back to the theatres again? If you had to choose an old Bollywood movie that would make you go to the theatres if it was released now, which one would it be? 


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