Will 'Brahmastra' face the same fate as 'Jagga Jasoos'?

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer superhero film 'Brahmastra' has been facing one roadblock after another. Its release was first pushed in 2019 due to some unfinished visual effects work. Then came the pandemic which disrupted several release dates including that of 'Brahmastra.' Recently, its shooting was halted when Ranbir Kapoor tested positive for Covid-19. The film has been in the making for so long that it might have lost its steam. The fate of the film is strikingly similar to another Ranbir film which was 'Jagga Jasoos'. That one was too long in the making and failed to impress the audience. We wonder if that might happen to 'Brahmastra' as well since the audience starts losing interest in a film if it's in the news for a long time. We will have to wait for the film to release to find the answer.