Will Farhan Akhtar's 'Toofan' Gone Global On Times Square Billboard Pave The Way For Other Bollywood Films Too?

Actor, Farhan Akhtar’s biggest dream just came true, when his much-awaited film ‘Toofan’ got it’s own billboard on Time Square. It’s a great day for the actor and his newest film's teaser, that’s gone global in the most awesome way possible.

Farhan Akhtar feels lucky and is grateful to all his fans, he took to Instagram and shared a video that features his film's promo on the big screen and says, "I remember the first time I went to Times Square in NYC .. looking up at all those billboards and thinking wouldn’t it be cool to have a film represented here. Well, today that dream came true .. courtesy Amazon Prime Video who are taking Toofaan across the Atlantic in all its powerful glory, To all my family, friends and fans in the US, this one is for you,".

While it’s possibly a huge day for the actor, it’s also a great achievement for Bollywood as a whole. Don’t you think? Our films going global would pave the way for new talent, skillsets and inspire the industry to make stories that change the narrative. Anyways we just can’t wait for the world to watch ‘Toofan’. Do think this is the start of a new beginning for Bollywood?