Will Hollywood Benefit From the Lull in Bollywood?

Bollywood has taken a beating over the last few years.

With the pandemic, a majority of the stars and a large portion of the crew are testing positive. Most productions have had to stop productions amidst filming. Movies such as Sooryavanshi, a movie that was supposed to be a big release in 2020, was planning for a large release once things opened up again by end of April 2021, but Maharashtra has had to go back into lockdown. Now the makers of the film are contemplating releasing the film via Streaming or Pay On Demand platforms.

Do you think they should, or should they just wait until it can get a theatrical release?

Movies such as Pathan, featuring Shah Rukh Khan, and Tiger 3, featuring Salman Khan, have had to stop production due covid, which of course will push back the intended release dates. When things open back up in India, big Bollywood movies will be made with the intention of reviving the film industry, but it won’t be ready. As a result, Hollywood movies are looking to benefit in India. They have huge movies planned for the summer such as the new James Bond movie, Marvel’s Black Widow, the new Fast and Furious movie, and more, and they are looking to get more screen time due to the lull in Bollywood.

Can you believe it? Apparently, Hollywood would normally only manage to get 1500-2000 screenings in India a year, but they’re expecting much higher numbers this year. It’s so sad to see Bollywood struggle in this way. Do you think we’ll make an unexpected comeback, or do you believe Hollywood will benefit this year?