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Will the Indian remake of the French series 'Call my agent' be a hit or miss?

An Indian remake of the popular French series Call My Agent! is in works with Soni Razdan, Rajat Kapoor, Aahana Kumra, and Ayush Mehra in pivotal roles. The original show followed the daily lives of four agents at a talent film in Paris. The Indian version will be told through the eyes of the agents of four Bollywood celebrities and will provide a peek into the behind-the-scenes chaos. Each episode will also feature an exaggerated version of a real-life celebrity, writes Mumbai Mirror.

If it succeeds, the Indian remake might offer a new perspective to look at the Mumbai film industry, which is often bad-mouthed by its own people in fictional portrayals. There are numerous stories of the film industry that still remain undercover. It is time to see how everything works behind these covers. In several episodes of Call My Agent, the characters question themselves but never doubt their main purpose that is to protect the glory of cinema and ensure that actors get the roles that they deserve. We’re in the business of maintaining an image, not creating a hollow buzz, the sage Arlette says at one point.

Bollywood nowadays is clearly in a need of a fresh narrative so it would be interesting to watch talent-managers who are mostly behind the scenes take over the spotlight.


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