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Will it be a mistake to release Salman Khan starrer 'Radhe' on Pay-Per-View basis on ZEEPlex and cinemas?

Salman Khan's Radhe will release in theatres as well as on a pay-per-view basis on ZEEPlex on May 13. Do you think the movie will do much better if it is just released on Netflix, Prime of Hotstar? Will people be willing to pay to watch Radhe on ZEEPlex? India's COVID outbreak is currently at its worst, there is absolutely no way that people will go out to watch the movie in theatres. We have also previously seen that movies are not doing well with theatre releases during COVID. So, why did the creators of Radhe decide to take the tradition route instead of just doing an OTT release? Are people interested enough in the movie to pay per view?

Radhe is produced by Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Reel Life Production Private Limited. Disha Patani will be seen opposite the actor, along Randeep Hood and Jackie Shroff in crucial roles. 


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