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Will Kangana Ranaut Make A Good Politician?

Kangana Ranaut, one of the most controversy prone celebrity has stirred up media time and again, either with her blockbuster films, bad breakups or with significant political stances.

In the last few years, we have seen many Bollywood celebrities speak about politics and come up with strong statements, in favor as well as against the government of our country, but no one has been as consequential as Kangana.

It all started with SSR’s demise, and everyone appreciated her words and actions during those difficult times. But since then, we’ve seen Kangana involving herself with the most abrupt political scenarios. From getting in fights with politicians, to provoking the bollywood’s biggest names to get into cat fights, Kangana has done it all, and with quite a commendable confidence. Despite all the FIRs and cases lodged against her, she still quite actively tweets about her political opinions, which sometimes even spreads unrest and violence amongst the audience.

With such strong instincts of putting her foot forward without resenting any of her statements/interviews, and facing the political consequences without apologies/fear, can we expect Kangana to step into politics herself and if yes, will the country appreciate Kangana's political debut?


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