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Will Katrina Kaif's Casting Opposite Two Younger Heroes In 'Phone Bhoot' Break The Gender Bias In Bollywood?

Katrina Kaif's upcoming movie 'Phone Bhoot' which is a horror comedy, has been recently creating a lot of buzz for its unique title and the fact that it's the first time that a big star like Katrina will be cast opposite two younger heroes, namely Ishaan Khatter and Siddhant Chaturvedi. Is this an attempt to break the evident gender bias which prevails in Bollywood?

The industry is male-dominated, older men like to be cast opposite younger women to extend their own shelf life. It is bizarre that a 50 plus something actor is acting opposite a 19-year-old actress. Unfortunately, the same doesn't follow in the case of actresses, who even at their prime are forced to play mothers to the heroes they had starred with. But we're also noticing a possible change in this scenario with OTT platforms releasing more female centric films. Filmmakers have truly started giving narratives that are driven from a feminine lens are increasing manifold. Thus, female heroines have started getting pivotal roles in movies along with being paired with younger and older actors alike.

Again, with Phone Bhoot, we really hope that the casting can normalise the fact that even big older female stars can be paired up with young male actors without receiving any judgements or backlash from the society. Actresses romancing younger actors is still a taboo in the industry, will Phone Booth be able break the gender bias that exists in Bollywood and become trend-setters of the current cinematic age?


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