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Will Khushi Kapoor be better than Janhvi Kapoor ?

There are already many rumours that Khushi Kapoor will soon debut in bollywood. Since her elder sister Janhvi Kapoor is already in the film business, a lot of comparison between the two Kapoor sisters is bound to happen. Janhvi has always received mixed reviews about her acting skills, but let’s be honest, nowadays there isn’t a single actor who gets a 100% positive review anyway! Khushi’s been getting quite active on social media, which indicates that she slowly wants to be introduced to the audience before she comes up with her debut film. But, in my opinion, more than the sisters getting compared to each other, I reckon they’ll be judged on the standards of their legendary mother (Late Shri.Srivedi) and her dazzling career. So, even if one sister turns out to have a better career than the other, the actual question is that would anyone of them eventually become as successful as their mother?

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