Will "The King Of Tears, Lee Bang-won" be cancelled after the recent animal abuse controversy?

KBS drama "The King Of Tears, Lee Bang-won" was embroiled in a controversy when footage of possible animal abuse was released by The Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA). For one particular scene, a horse was used to do a head dive where he lands on his neck, and KAWA revealed that the horse that was used for the stunt died after a week of the stunt.

The incident left everyone in shock and what disgusted the people was the fact that after the fall no one even came to check the condition of the horse. When the news first came out KBS claimed that the horse was checked after every take and it was completely woundless but when they confirmed the condition, it came out that the horse died after a week. The investigation was only done after KAWA inquired, which made KBS partially responsible for what happened.

Netizens took to various sites to show their anger and started a Blue House Petition to demand punishment for those who were responsible. The lead actor Joo Sang Wook is also being heavily criticized for his negligence and considering the severity of the condition KBS has cancelled this week's broadcast of episodes 13 & 14, hinting towards the plausible cancellation of the drama. The drama is a huge hit in South Korea but this controversy could be the end of it.

Don't you think the drama should be cancelled?

Warning - The video can be disturbing for some people.