Will Kriti Sanon’s 'Mimi' Be Successful In Destigmatizing The Stereotype Against Surrogacy?

The highly anticipated trailer of Mimi, starring Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi, takes you on a heartfelt journey of an ambitious small town dancer who goes through a rollercoaster of emotions when she acts as surrogate for an American couple. From hiding the truth from her parents to finally accepting surrogacy, and embracing motherhood whole-heartedly, the film portrays the ups and downs of a pregnant woman who has to go through thick and thin to give birth.

While the film is a light-hearted comedy, it touches upon a huge social issue of the challenges of surrogacy and how the society looks at it. There is an instance in the film where Mimi’s family thinks that their daughter is pregnant and unwedded thus, they come to a conclusion that she’s carrying an illegitimate child and tries to hide it.

The makers through the movie have ultimately tried to explain the concept of surrogacy to the viewers, by highlighting how this term is still unfamiliar to a large section of society. The movie is a practice towards destigmatizing the stereotype against surrogacy in order to generate society’s positive attitude towards the idea of surrogate mothers, perhaps because it’s high time that the society as a whole becomes more familiar with 'alternative' ways to have a family. What are your views on the movie, will it be successful in creating an open-minded view regarding surrogacy in our society?