Will Mira Rajput ever join husband Shahid Kapoor and venture into Bollywood?

When Shahid Kapoor married Mira Rajput, everyone was taken aback by the actor's decision to marry someone outside of the film fraternity. Mira was young, fresh out of college, and not from a filmy family.

Mira was suddenly in the spotlight with many attempting to peer into her life She, too, wanted to steer away from all this attention and kept a private profile on social media. Cut to a few years later and she started making a lot more public appearances, signed up with brands, and went on to speak at events. At one point she infamously said that she wouldn't want to leave her child alone and rush off to work. This had drawn the ire of a lot on netizens as it felt like a thinly veiled dig towards working women. With Mira getting more open towards paparazzi, doing interviews, and heading towards advertising, is there a possibility that she'll start signing up for films?