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Will more actors like Aamir Khan and Deepika Padukone change their social media game?

On new year’s eve, Deepika Padukone deleted all her Instagram posts which came as a shocker to many of her fans. She then cleared the air by clarifying that she would post her audio diary that reflects her thoughts and feelings, a fun idea to engage with fans. A few days later, Aamir Khan also announced his exit from social media as he deleted all his social accounts. After being asked, Aamir Khan said that he does not want ‘theories’ about his decision on quitting social media. However, he has kept an Instagram account which is handled by his team.

With social media's prominence increasing each passing day, Bollywood stars have tried to adapt and better their virtual presence and each star wants to be more relatable to their fans. While Deepika has found a new idea to keep herself relatable, stars like Aamir Khan engage only through their team which makes us wonder whether the toxicity of social media has triggered him in some way or not.

Do you think Deepika and Aamir will push other Bollywood stars to change their social media game?


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