Will Radhe perform better if it releases on an OTT platform?

Radhe is all set to go on the floors this May 2021. While there were talks that Radhe might release on an OTT platform, it is now believed that Salman is saving his dates for a theatrical release. Rumours are that Salman has been offered a huge amount for Radhe to release on an OTT platform but Salman has declined the offer.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, OTT has experienced quite a surge in its reach since people could only afford to stay home and watch shows and movies. Theaters have not yet picked up the pace in which it used to function before. If Radhe releases on an OTT platform, chances are that it might perform wonders. But if you flip the coin, Salman Khan has a loyal fan base that only wants bhai on the silver-screen.

Do you think Radhe would perform better on OTT or in theaters?