Will Red Velvet make more than 2 comebacks this year?

Red Velvet just had a comeback with "Feel My Rhythm" and they already started topping on charts. Fans are in love with this comeback as it's so ethereal and pretty.

Red Velvet are also known as 'Summer Queens' because of their summer hits like "Red Flavor", "Queendom", "Power Up", and "Umpah Umpah". However, recently during an interview, Wendy said that this time they want to be "Spring Queens" instead. She said people always look forward to spring songs when the spring season is back. Thus, this time, Red Velvet will take the charge.

Responding to that, Joy said that since they'll be releasing many albums this year, they want to be known as Queens of all seasons. What do you think? Are you excited about it? Do you want to see more Red Velvet comebacks or solo projects?