Will shared universes in Bollywood increase with Sooryavanshi being an absolute hit at the box office?

As Sooryavanshi is roaring at the box office with audiences loving the newest entry in Rohit Shetty's cop-universe, raises the question will Bollywood make the same mistake Hollywood did?

After looking at the success of the MCU, a lot of Hollywood franchises went to recreate the same formula and have failed miserably, DCEU & Universal's Dark universe being a few of them! Now the question arises with the Spy Universe & Horror-verse which is already in the making will a few more shared universes arrive in Bollywood?

Bollywood is also known to go on a spree of recreating trends & the fear of cinematic universes wearing down due to it being over-used for example, what happened with the franchises in Hollywood shouldn't repeat here as well!

Anyway, time will tell whether the craze of cinematic universes arrives in Bollywood filmmakers or not!


What are your views on this?