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Will temporary shoots in Goa establish a permanent film city in the state?

As second wave of COVID-19 hits our country, many businesses are shut down. Everyday, news of death and grim reaches us to give a reality check. While people are still able to watch shows and films online as well as TV, new restrictions have made the makers to shift to the state of Goa to continue shooting of their shows. The state has comparatively low risk than Maharashtra. As temporary shoots are taking place at resorts and hotels in Goa, I wonder if this place with beautiful beaches and palm trees would be turned into a film city. However, only television shows have started with these temporary shoots in Goa and there are strict restrictions on film shoots. Bollywood definitely won't stop its total functioning as it would lead to some great damages. Well, we should not forget that we are already losing talents to this pandemic. In such situation, this entertainment industry surely finds itself to be in a soup. So, if authorities allow, setting up a film city in Goa is not a bad idea. What are your thoughts on this?

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