A wonder for your under-eye! Have you tried Cheryl's Brite under-eye roll on yet?

Revolutionary eye cream for dark circles, Cheryl’s I-Brite under-eye roll-on prevents the formation of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes which is caused due to water retention, aging, and poor lymphatic drainage. These dark circles under eye cream reduce capillary permeability and swelling and also prevents blood clots and leakages which cause dark circles. It includes benefits such as-


Prevents dark circles: It stimulates the microcirculation of the blood around the eyes that prevents the formation of dark circles.


Controls puffiness: It reduces water retention around the eyes that causes puffiness.


Gives one fresh looking under eye complexion: Regular use of I-Brite under eye roll on rids you of dark circles under eyes giving you fresh looking under eye radiance.


I use it every night before going to sleep. You can apply generous amount and it feel hydrating instantly. I wake up with less puffy feeling eyes. It also makes a good base for makeup. Surely would stock up on it!