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The World has a Shortage of Nurses- say's WHO.

Nurses account for more than half of all the world’s health workers, providing vital services throughout the health system.

The report, by the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and Nursing Now, reveals that today, there are just under 28 million nurses worldwide.

As of 31 December 2020, the cumulative • number of reported COVID-19 deaths in nurses in 59 countries is 2,262.

Unfortunately, the number of deaths among healthcare workers continues to rise and this figure of 2,262 is likely to be a significant underestimation.

The ICN (INTERNATIONAL COUNSEL OF NURSES) data set reveals that more than 1.6 million healthcare workers have been infected in 34 countries.

With rising cases everyday all around the world the numbers of healthcare worker's are falling short ,With a nurse-to-population ratio of 1:670 against the WHO norm of 1:300.

To generate more number of nurses, WHO urges nations to provide funding .


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