Would Janhvi Kapoor instead of Shraddha Kapoor make more sense in Chaalbaaz in London?

Chaalbaaz in London is a follow up of Sridevi's hit movie Chaalbaaz that saw her playing a double role. The movie really showcased Sridevi's range as an actor, and was very well loved.

Now, Chaalbaaz in London is all set to have another double role onscreen. Shraddha Kapoor is going to be donning the role this time, and she's got the charm for it. While she's sure to find one of the roles to her stride, the other seems to be a lot more challenging. She will be teaming up with Baaghi's writer and is expected to go through some action training. Meanwhile, Janhvi Kapoor hasn't been around in the industry for too long, but how about her stepping into her mother's shoes for the role?

It would generate quite a lot of buzz with the mother and daughter essaying the iconic role one after another. Why do you think the producers have overlooked this and opted to rope in Shraddha instead?