Would you like to see Aamir Khan portray Vishwanathan Anand on-screen?

Aamir Khan is a perfectionist and is known for giving his heart and soul to a role. He also enjoys playing chess, which is not a surprise. Aamir is also good friends with Chessmaster Vishwanathan Anand and the two have played chess a number of times.


Recently, Aamir did an event with Arijit Singh over chess which was curated by YouTuber and comic Samay Raina. Aamir was asked if he would be interested in doing a biopic on Anand. Aamir smiled in response and asked: “Is that a question?” He added, “That’s one of the easiest questions to answer. It would not only be an honour and pleasure to play Vishy (Vishwanathan), but it’ll also be highly exciting to get into his mind. When I play a character, I try to understand the person’s mind.


Aamir further added: "And Vishy being a real person, I’ll obviously spend a lot of time with him to understand his mind and how his mind works. I would also speak to his wife and his family to further understand how his mind works. And then hopefully, I’ll surprise Vishy when I play him on screen. So I’d look forward to that if and when that happens.”


Well, wouldn't it be interesting to see Aamir play the chess champion on screen? What do you think?