Xico's Journey Review-Three friends and their mission against Evil!

The Spanish feature film premiered on Netflix globally on February 12, 2021. It originally debuted in Spanish theatres by the title El Camino de Xico back in November 2020. Produced by Ánima Estudios, also known for movies like ‘A Wizard’s Tale’ and ‘Top Cats’.

The Spanish story is a good vs. evil tale revolving around three best friends Gus, Copi, and their dog, Xico. The story begins when the mayor of San Jaime of the Crabs announced to his citizens that the mountains in their area have a lot of gold. The news soon reaches a greedy corporation that intends to mine the mountain for their own interests. The residents also begin to realize that their land is in danger. A number of heavy equipment have been deployed by the company. And now Grandma Copi believes that the only one who can help them is a messenger. However, the situation on the mountain is very dangerous. Without hesitation, Copi, Xico, and Gus head straight for the mountain to carry out the mission. Arriving at the mountain, they were surprised to find a talking rabbit. They also meet a mouse who reveals Xico's true identity. It turns out that Xico is not an ordinary dog, but a descendant of a powerful ancient dog breed. To their surprise, the mountain situation turned out to be a bigger mystery than they had expected. Copi, Xico, and Gus must uncover the mystery so that they can win their fight against the evil corporation.

They do everything that they can to protect a mountain that holds a significant cultural value as the corporation tries to benefit from it. The movie starts at a good pace but feels a bit boring in the middle. The movie lacks in engaging the viewer and even if you skip it you won’t be missing anything. Though it is ideal for the whole family to watch with a good message, you will feel tired of the lack of depth in the characters. Directed by Eric Cabello and written by Enrique Renteria the film received a positive reaction when released in cinemas back in 2020 but fails to leave its mark given the number of animated movies with good stories and even better animations that Netflix has to offer.