Today I thought to Pen down my thoughts on @ybpcosmetics Plant Remedy after using it religiously for more than a month.... Dear Payel , Should I call it a miracle oil or a magic potion ? I expected it to be a serum but it came out to be a facial oil . So 'darte darte' I started using it on my oily skin both morning and nighttime . I remember i gave my first impression that it calmed down my acne in one use only . This was the time when I started getting confidence on this Remedy. I actually started believing it spiritually that things do work if you use them religiously with your whole heart. Slowly slowly my blemishes vanished away and my skin started looking firm , bright and radiant. Now this was the time when everyone started noticing me. Kanika why is your skin looking so radiant ? What's the secret ? So I gave my friend a little sample to try it out and started recommending them. This miracle oil worked on my NAILS like magic. Yes I caps locked the word because if you scroll down you can see my nails so short and now at present they are healthy , hard and long. And no no I did not use extra for my nails ,only whatever massaged on my face went to my nails also. It provided a slippery base for a little spoon gua sha to work its magic . I got so curious that now picking travel size also as I want it always with me. Now I'm going to keep it staple in my vanity and purchasing full size for my friend even who are not on instagram. All are thanking me to introduce Plant Remedy to them. It has substituted my drying lotion, tea tree oil ,acne spot treatment cream ,acne patches ,and what not . Thank you for infusing Plant Remedy in my life Regards Kanika P.S. old school letters