Yet another new date for Alia and Ranbir Kapoor wedding!??

Wedding rumors for Alia and Ranbir have been making rounds since forever now. Every time there's a new date that's making rounds. Nothing is official as of now but with new dates going around one after the other is making it quite suspicious. I wonder if this is also a PR stunt to make sure that the couple are always trending. Some where or the other we all beleive that this can be a PR stunt too right. To make sure Gangubai and now Bhramastra remains on the headlines this can be the way. But if we have to beleive the rumors then the couple is said to tie the knot on October, 2022. A close source of the couple revealed this, "One really does not know why the dates are going back and forth when it comes to Alia and Ranbir getting married. As for the renovation of Krishna Raj in Mumbai's Pali Hill - their abode - it is far from ready; it might take at least 18 months more from today for it to be ready in all respects for one to move in and settle down."

What are your views?