Is YG Entertainment finally putting big efforts into promoting TREASURE?

Treasure recently made a comeback with 'JIKJIN', which made them win several music show awards for the first time. But along with that song, the B-side track 'DARARI' has become viral all over the internet. Now it seems like YG entertainment is trying their best to promote this viral song more.

Even on Spotify and other music sites, DARARI has much more streams than JIKJIN. However, both songs are hit. Fans were just praying for a Live or acoustic performance for the viral track, but it seems that YG is literally giving a music video for DARARI. Although the song is viral, many don't know that it's from TREASURE. The video will help them gain more recognition.

Fans are wondering what has gotten into YG. They have finally learned to promote their artists after giving them a hiatus for almost 1 year and not allowing them to attend award shows. What do you think? Are you looking forward to DARARI music video?