Yim Si-wan's 'Tracer' will be on halt due to Winter Olympics- Will this break cost a lot to the drama?

"Tracer," starring ZE:A's Yim Si-wan, is currently being aired on MBC and receiving great ratings nationwide. However, it looks like the drama will have to go through a break due to Winter Olympics which will be aired on the network for the next three weeks. Winter Olympics 2022 are scheduled to take place in Beijing, China, and it will air on MBC for three weeks, starting from February 4, 2022, till February 20, 2022. During the period of three weeks, the crime thriller "Tracer" will not be broadcasted along with another drama "Through The Darkness."

"Tracer" is also being aired on Wavve, which has decided to air the series in two seasons and the second season will be aired after the Olympics ends. The drawback for the drama here could be that the ratings may get affected due to this halt. The drama is currently staying in the range of 8% in ratings, but this break might bring a dip during the latter half of the drama. Well, we hope the drama continues to rule the way its predecessor, "The Red Sleeve," did.

Don't you think channels should manage the timings in a more convenient manner so that dramas won't suffer since these events are pre-scheduled?