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You Glow girl! Want to glow like you're just out of spa?

Nykaa Glow Goals! Shimmer Brick Highlighter Palette - Sunset Love is the best Highlighter I tried. It's so much more than a Highlighter. First of, it comes in more than one shade, that's not how the usual Highlighter are sold, so it's a plus point. It is easily blended with the skin and creates a subtle look without making it look too much for the eye. It is water proof and so you need worry about sweat blowing it off. The pigment is perfect, not more nor less. If you use the darker colours it can give you a bronzer look. The lighter shades will help create a subtle look. It is an amazing product and you should definitely try it. Made for the girl who loves her glow, Nykaa Shimmer Brick Highlighter features two luminescent shades that reflect light to give you an amplified radiance. Its one of a kind formula creates an unparalleled, creamy feel that glides on to your skin seamlessly in an elegant finish. Never cakey, never gritty, this lush highlighter duo is all the spotlight you'll ever need!


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