You Just Can't Miss Out On These Top Tom Cruise Movies!

1) Jack Reacher

The beginning is spine chilling and the end is a typical Hollywood/ Bollywood action movie cliche. In between, you have enough drama & suspense to keep you glued.

2) Edge of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow maybe one of the best alien invasion science fiction film you would have ever seen. Storyline, concept, acting, direction, each and everything is just perfect.

3) Oblivion

Oblivion feels like a personal, soothing action adventure where the director tries to put you into the protagonist's shoes, and mostly succeeds.

4) The Firm

Good classic that's well written combining a slightly twisting plot that's just a step ahead of you while not being too hard to follow with just the right amount of suspense.

5) Magnolia

Brilliantly intricate ; yet, moving and engrossing. Its one of those movies you have to watch to understand what it is about. This one is definitely a must watch. I promise you that these 3 hrs will not disappoint you at all.