You need to give these makeup trends a try!!

New seasons always bring up new makeup looks and trends to try. Makeup wearers usually bring out the sparkly and vampy colors for the cooler months. This winter is no different with the exception of a few wild cards. Dive into this article to discover the new trends for this winter season. There is a bit of the old and new, but they all are great and fairly simple to do. If you love to experiment with makeup and need new ideas to try, then continue reading.  

1) Berry Lip 

Deep, berry lips have always been the rage during the cooler months, and that is because it looks good on almost everybody. All of the different shades of berry can tie your look together and give you the added edge that you may need. You can customize this look to make it wearable by downplaying your eye shadow. Cream or golden eye shadows would complement a berry lip quite well. Dark lip colors can be scary, but if you are willing to try, give it a go and have fun with it.

2) Glossy Nude/ Pink Lip 

Is the berry lip not quite your thing? Need something a little more subtle? A glossy lip could be your new thing. For a while, everyone was crazy about matte lips, but times are changing. The glossy look is quickly making its way back to the forefront. Glossy lips were re-popularized this summer, and the trend is still going strong well into the colder months. The look is very natural and could be paired with whatever makeup you are comfortable with and still look classic and stunning.

3) Glittery Eyes

Every holiday season makeup brands come out with tons of shimmery eye shadow palettes for the holidays, this year is no exception. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays,” like a golden glittery eye shadow look. Golden and neutral shimmery colors are simpler and easy to pair with a lip combo. But if you are a girl that loves color, you can always pick the color according to your eye color. Brown eyes look best with purple and earthy colors, like emerald green. Blue eyes look best with pink and grey. Green eyes look best with yellow, orange, and brown shadows.

4) Big Lashes 

Is there such a thing as lashes that are too big? Not this season. Big lashes have been in trend for a while, but the latest eyelashes craze is wispy lashes. They can make your eyes look bigger, and they are great if you want to wear lashes but still show off your eyeshadow look that you worked for hard to create. These lashes are different because they focus more on the length instead of volume.

5) Soft, less structured eyebrows 

This is also called the “boy brows.” When the makeup scene became very popular, people loved sporting structured and chiseled brows. If you have not tried this brow look already, well now is your chance. It is pretty easy and gives an effortless look. This look is great for people that have busy brows that they love, but feel like they still need to conform to the beauty of the standard of “refined” brows.